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Plunge into Taylor Hill’s magical wedding adventure! All the juicy details you’re dying to know are right here. Get ready for a delightful ride!

The Love Story of Taylor Hill and Daniel Fryer

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Imagine a romance that blooms amid the splendor of Colorado’s mountain ranges—this is the love story between model Taylor Hill and Daniel Fryer, a venture capitalist primarily involved in private equity. Your journey through their relationship begins where their paths first crossed: at a JazzFest in Aspen in 2019.

Envision the setting of their initial encounter. Aspen, where Taylor and Daniel were introduced by mutual friends. Fast forward to a fairy tale engagement in June 2021, when Daniel proposed at the luxurious Hotel Il San Pietro di Positano. If you followed their story on Instagram, you might have felt as if you were a part of their joyous moments, as they often shared snippets of their lives with their fans.

  • Engagement Quick Facts:
    • Location: Hotel Il San Pietro di Positano
    • Date: June 2021
    • Instagram Announcement: Yes

Their bond blossomed, and in 2023, Taylor and Daniel tied the knot in Taylor’s hometown, Winter Park, Colorado, at the rustic Devil’s Thumb Ranch—a location befitting their shared love of the Colorado landscape.

  • Wedding Highlights:
    • Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch, Winter Park, Colorado
    • Date: June 10, 2023
    • Setting: Western-inspired

This wedding was more than an expression of their romance; it was a celebration deeply rooted in the scenic allure of their beginning—a perfect circle back to where it all began, in the heart of Colorado’s magnificence.

Taylor Hill Wedding Preparations

As you dive into the captivating world of Taylor Hill’s wedding to Daniel Fryer, you’ll find each detail meticulously planned to craft their special day. From selecting a scenic venue to designing a custom gown, every element echoed their love story.

taylor hill wedding
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Selecting the Perfect Venue

Taylor Hill and Daniel Fryer exchanged vows at the picturesque Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Colorado, a location with a blend of rustic charm and high-end elegance.

This Western-inspired setting was chosen for its majestic backdrop that aligns with their shared affinity for nature and the outdoors. The venue, set amid the breathtaking Colorado landscape, embraced the couple’s vision for a dreamy wedding.

Creating the Custom Gown

The focal point of bridal preparations was the wedding dress—a stunning Etro wedding gown that perfectly captured Taylor Hill’s boho spirit. Hill’s custom gown came to life after a series of fittings and consultations in Manhattan, where designers tailored her vision into a dress that hinted at both modern allure and timeless elegance.

With Danielle Prianoand Carolina Gonzalez ensuring her hair and makeup were flawless, the wedding dress fitting remained a deeply personal and memorable experience.

taylor hill wedding
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Groom and Groomsmen Attire

The groom and groomsmen wore attire that aligned seamlessly with the wedding’s aesthetic. Coupling luxury with nonchalance, they selected sharp ensembles from Suitsupply.

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The Enchanted Wedding Day

Your journey into the fairytale wedding of Taylor Hill and Daniel Fryer begins as you explore the intimate moments of their special day, from the heartfelt vows under Colorado’s blue sky to the lively celebrations that followed.

Ceremony Highlights

Location and Atmosphere: The ceremony took place at the picturesque Devil’s Thumb Ranch, where the couple exchanged vows against a backdrop of the majestic Rockies. The tranquil setting was a nod to their first meeting at JazzFest in Aspen, adding a layer of personal history to the day.

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Special Touches: Taylor Hill and Daniel Fryer vowed their commitment to each other with custom bands from David Yurman. The service was officiated by Reverend Stanley Tate, who ensured the ceremony was both touching and memorable.

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Reception and Festivities

Music and Dancing: The reception saw Stevie Brock and Dream On deliver a mesmerizing live performance, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. The first dance was elevated with the sounds of Tom Petty, encapsulating the couple’s unique love story.

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After-Party Vibes: As night fell, the after-party kicked off, allowing guests to let loose and celebrate the newlyweds. The groom, Daniel Fryer, looked dapper in a classic British morning suit, while Chloe Stroll and James delighted everyone with their contributions to the night’s entertainment.

Capturing the Moments

Photography Magic: Every special moment was captured by Cedar & Pines, whose lenses chronicled the wedding day, from the serene San Pietro Hotel where the proposal took place, to the fitting of Taylor Hill’s bespoke Etro wedding dress.

Stellar Souvenirs: Guests left with memories as bright as the stars, each moment immortalized in beautiful photography and the laughter and music that filled the air throughout the enchanting day.

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Symbolic Expressions of Love

As you absorb the dreamy details of Taylor Hill’s wedding, you’ll discover that every aspect was thoughtfully chosen to embody her and Daniel Fryer’s love story. From the bespoke engagement ring to the melodies that filled the air, their romance is reflected in these special elements.

The Engagement Ring

Taylor Hill’s engagement was marked by a stunning three-stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring, a classic symbol of love. This ring, often chosen for its elegant symmetry and representation of past, present, and future, was offered by Daniel Fryer in a romantic setting. It is said that David Yurman had a hand in the ring’s design, contributing to its unique and luxurious appeal.

Music and First Dance

First Dance Song: An enchanting element during the reception was the couple’s first dance song. Sharing their first moments as a married couple, Taylor and Daniel swayed to melodies by John Mayer.

taylor hill wedding
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The choice of song is a sweet nod to their musical interests and shared memories, wrapping the listener in the same warm, romantic atmosphere that embraced the lovebirds on their special day.


Where does Taylor Hill live?

Taylor Hill lives in various locations due to her modeling career, but she primarily resides in New York City.

How much money does Taylor have?

Taylor Hill’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, primarily earned through her successful modeling career

How old is Taylor Hill?

Taylor Hill was born on March 5, 1996, making her 28 years old as of 2024.

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