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Sophia Ziessler

25+ Pearl Wedding Nails 2024: Top Trends

pearl wedding nails

To my mind, Pearl Wedding Nails represent an unmistakable eternal charm. I suggested this style to a friend for her nuptials this year, creating a collection that I’m eager to present to you. How do you feel about these designs?…

45+ Almond Wedding Nails 2024: Top Trends

almond wedding nails

Almond nails have always been a popular choice, but this year, their popularity has soared significantly. And rightfully so, I’ve been a fan of Almond Shaped Nails myself for many years. The shape is classic, timeless and creates a beautiful…

45+ Classy Wedding Guest Nails: My Favorites 2024

classy wedding guest nails

Elegant nails for wedding attendees beautifully present a quiet but graceful statement. Simplicity often speaks volumes, and I’ve emphasized soft hues, classical French designs, and some subtle differences in my selections. Selecting these ensures your nails look timeless and refined.…