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Through a good friend, I’ve thoroughly explored the idea of blue-themed weddings, collecting every important piece of information for you, ensuring all the critical information is easily accessible in a single location for your convenience.

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Understanding Blue Weddings

When you plan your wedding, choosing blue as your theme color can add a classic and timeless feel to your special day. It’s a color that can be both romantic and elegant, fitting a variety of wedding styles.

History of Blue in Matrimony

Blue has a long-standing history in the sphere of matrimony. The phrase “something blue” has been a part of bridal traditions dating back to Victorian England. Incorporating blue into a wedding outfit or theme is believed to bring purity, love, and fidelity to your marriage. This classic color has been a staple in weddings throughout the years, with its shades ranging from sky blue to navy, offering a palette that synergizes with most decors.

Cultural Significance of Blue

This hue is not just a romantic gesture. Across different cultures, blue holds a significant place when it comes to weddings. Historically, blue symbolized stability and trust—qualities that are essential for any marriage. In contemporary times, choosing a blue wedding theme expresses these values in a visually stunning way. It’s no surprise that a timeless color like blue continues to be an excellent choice for couples who want a serene and harmonious ambiance on their wedding day.

Designing Your Blue Wedding

When planning your blue-themed wedding, selecting the right hues and integrating them tastefully into your theme and decor is essential.

Choosing Your Shades of Blue

Your wedding color palette sets the mood for your special day. Consider having a mix of blue shades such as navy, which brings elegance and depth, or teal, for a touch of vibrancy. Sapphire can add a jewel-toned sophistication, while sky blueand dusty blue offer a soft, romantic ambiance. Don’t overlook french blue, as it exudes a charming, vintage appeal.

Blue Wedding Themes and Motifs

Deciding on a blue wedding theme can be a delightful experience. You might opt for a nautical theme that pairs navy blue with crisp whites, simulating the charm of the sea. Alternatively, a royal wedding motif using royal blue accented with metallics can give your event a regal presence.

  • Nautical: Navy + White
  • Regal: Royal Blue + Gold/Silver

Incorporating Blue into Decor

Carefully weave blue elements into your decor to create a cohesive look. Blue tablecloths can transform the venue with a sea of color. Adding blue napkins or blue ribbons to each place setting can provide exquisite detailing. Here are quick hits to include blue in your decor:

  • Table Settings: Place sky blue napkins atop crisp white tablecloths.
  • Centerpieces: Use vases with varying shades of blue for an ombré effect.
  • Accents: Intersperse small teal or sapphire decorative pieces for an elegant pop of color.

Fashion and Attire

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When you’re planning a blue-themed wedding, fashion becomes a creative playground. Your attire, from the blue wedding dress to the accessories, plays a pivotal role in bringing your theme to life.

Finding the Perfect Blue Wedding Dress

When you’re on the hunt for that perfect blue wedding dress, consider various shades and designs that reflect your style. A tulle ball gown in ice blue might evoke a fairytale feel, while a modern deep navy dress can be a sophisticated choice.

Some of the best blue wedding dresses combine classic silhouettes with the uniqueness of color, offering a breathtaking alternative to the traditional white wedding dress. Check out the beautiful pieces suitable for any wedding theme.

Dressing the Wedding Party

Coordinating your wedding party’s attire ensures a cohesive look. Blue suits for grooms and groomsmen are effortlessly stylish and range from bright cobalt to rich midnight shades.

To complement your blue wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses can vary in hues and styles, either matching perfectly or providing a contrasting palette. Involve a blue tie or sash to smartly tie the look together.

Accessorizing with Blue

Accessories are your secret weapon to adding layers of sophistication to the wedding attire. A sapphire engagement ringworks as a stunning symbol of commitment that also honours the blue theme. Consider lace accents in your dress or veil for a classic touch.

Jewelry like earrings and necklaces with blue gemstones can subtly enhance your overall look. Remember, each accessory should complement, not overpower, the standout element: your blue wedding dress.

Florals and Decorations

When planning your blue-themed wedding, the flowers and decorations will set the stage for a beautiful and harmonious event. Carefully selected blue blooms create stunning bouquets and arrangements, while coordinated table settings and linens bring elegance to your reception. A cohesive look can be achieved through a mindful blend of florals, fabrics, and decorative accents.

Blue Blooms for Bouquets and Arrangements

Blue flowers like delphinium and hydrangeas make for captivating centerpieces and bridal bouquets. These blue blooms offer a range of shades, from the softest pastels to deep, vivid tones, perfect for any wedding style. Consider the following options for your blue wedding flowers:

  • Wedding Bouquet Ribbons: Adorn your bouquet with a silk ribbon in matching blue shades to add an extra touch of elegance.
  • Centerpieces: Combine delphiniums with white roses or peonies to create striking centerpieces that capture the essence of a blue-themed wedding.

Table Settings and Linens

  • Table Linens: Choose tablecloths, runners, or napkins in blue to complement the floral arrangements on each table.
  • Accent Pieces: Use blue vases or candleholders as part of the table decor for an added pop of color and sophistication.
  • Place Settings: Incorporate blue decorative elements like charger plates or glassware to tie the table settings into your overall theme.

Food and Cake Inspiration

When planning your blue-themed wedding, the food and cake are where you can let your creativity flow. You have the opportunity to impress your guests with shades of blue that can range from a classic navy to a vibrant teal.

Colorful Cake Design

Your blue wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception dessert table. Consider a textural powder blue cake adorned with neutral blooms for a vintage touch or elevate the elegance with a chic navy cake featuring large white roses.

For a unique approach, integrate teal fondant for a bolder statement or draw inspiration from the sea with an ombre cake accented with seashells and a touch of black for contrast.

Catering Ideas with a Blue Twist

Infusing your catering with blue elements will delight your guests both visually and gastronomically. Begin with stunning wedding favors, such as personalized boxes filled with gourmet blue candies or custom cookies glazed in hues of your wedding palette. Consider a:

  • Cocktail Hour: Blue curacao-based drinks garnished with fresh berries.
  • Appetizers: Blue corn tortilla chips paired with a fresh salsa.
  • Main Course: Main dishes accented with blue edible flowers for a sophisticated look.


Is blue a good color for a wedding?

Yes, blue is a versatile and timeless color for weddings, offering a range of shades to suit different themes and seasons.

What is the symbolism of blue in weddings?

Blue symbolizes loyalty, trust, and stability in weddings, representing the couple’s commitment to each other and the hope for a harmonious marriage.

What is something blue for a bride?

Something blue for a bride can be a blue garter, a piece of blue jewelry, or a blue ribbon sewn into her dress, symbolizing purity, love, and fidelity.

What is the best color for a wedding?

The best color for a wedding depends on personal preference, theme, and season. Popular choices include white, blush pink, and soft pastels, but any color that holds significance for the couple can be perfect for their special day.

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