Sage Green Wedding 2024: Your Ultimate Guide!

I’ve delved deeply into the theme of sage green weddings, compiling all essential information in this piece, so you can skip the extensive internet searching I did.

You can find all the information and design ideas summarized here. Have fun planning your wedding!

Sage Green Wedding Overview


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When planning your sage green wedding, think of the fresh scent of mountain air and the calmness of a woodland meadow.

Color Palette:

  • Main Color: Sage green
  • Complementary Colors: Ivory, blush pink, taupe
  • Accents: Natural greenery, white flowers

Incorporating Sage Green:

  • Attire: Bridesmaid dresses, ties, and accessories
  • Decor: Table linens, chair sashes, and centerpieces
  • Floral: Bouquets with sage green foliage and white blooms

Invitations and Stationery

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When planning your sage green wedding, your invitations and stationery set the stage for the theme. It’s where you’ll blend the elegance of sage green with details that reflect your personal style.

Typography and Embellishments

The right typography can make your wedding invitations uniquely yours. Choose fonts that reflect the formality and style of your event; script fonts add a traditional and romantic feel, while sans-serif fonts lend a modern, clean look. Embellishments like foil-stamped letters or embossed details can add visual interest and a touch of luxury to your sage green wedding stationery.

Bridal Party Attire

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When planning the perfect sage green wedding, your bridal party attire plays a significant role in harmonizing the theme. You’ll want to select attire that complements the palette while ensuring comfort and style for your bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen.

Bridesmaid Dress Selection

Selecting sage green bridesmaid dresses is a delightful process. You’ll want to consider the different styles and fabrics that will flatter each of your bridesmaids. For warmer seasons or outdoor weddings, a gathered shoulder satin dress is both elegant and practical, allowing for free movement and danceability. Remember that gowns should align with the formality of your event, whether it’s a luxurious satin maxi or a cheery chiffon midi.

Groom and Groomsmen Outfits

Your groom and groomsmen should look dapper while harmonizing with the color scheme of the wedding. For a unified look, the groomsmen’s ties should coordinate with the sage green of the bridesmaid dresses.

Lightweight suits are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and make everyone feel comfortable. The groom himself can stand out from the rest of the party with a sage green suit or vest while keeping with the theme.

Accessories and Jewelry

Accessories are the finishing touches that pull the entire bridal party’s look together. Encourage your bridesmaids to select minimal and elegant jewelry, such as studs or dainty bracelets, to complement rather than compete with their dresses.

As for the groom and groomsmen, cufflinks or a sleek watch can add sophistication to their ensembles. For a personalized touch, consider a custom tie clip or unique ring that resonates with your wedding theme. Just remember, less is often more with accessories, allowing the beauty of the attire and the wearers to shine through.

Ceremony Decor

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Creating an enchanting space for your “I dos” is all about the details: from the walk down the aisle adorned with flowers to a stunningly designed altar that will frame your precious moments.

Aisle and Seating Arrangements

Begin by laying down a sage green runner to define your path to the altar. To add a touch of nature, place vases or small buckets of wildflowers along each side of the aisle at varying intervals. Your seating arrangements could be elevated with linens in matching sage green hues, and consider tying small foliage garlands to the sides of chairs closest to the aisle for an organic feel.

Altar and Backdrop Design

Your altar is the focal point of the ceremony. Create a striking backdrop using an arch or frame draped with a mix of sage green fabrics and ivory linens for depth and contrast. Embellish this setup with clusters of flowers and lush foliage – think eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy – to bring the structure to life. For extra romance, consider hanging small glass votive holders or lanterns at different heights around the altar area.

Reception Styling

When planning your reception’s look, the sage green color scheme offers an inviting and warm atmosphere that’s just right for celebrating. The key to a stunning reception lies in the details of your table settings and centerpieces, the choice of linens, and the placement of lighting and signage.

Table Settings and Centerpieces

Your tables should serve as focal points that draw guests in. Start with a sage green table runner that cascades down the center of your tables. For the centerpieces, consider a mix of greenery and candles. A simple mason jar, with a few sprigs of greenery or a bouquet of white and pastel flowers, can elevate the feel without much effort.

  • Table Runner: Sage green, extending the length of the table
  • Centerpiece Ideas:
    • Mix of greenery like eucalyptus or ferns
    • White or pastel flowers
    • Candles for a soft glow

Linens and Textures

Sage green napkins can be folded or wrapped in a distinctive way to add a layer of sophistication to your table settings. Coupling different textures, such as a smooth satin runner with rougher linen napkins, creates a visual and tactile interest.

  • Napkin Styling: Consider a unique fold or a wrapping with a sprig of greenery.
  • Textures to Combine:
    • Smooth satin runners
    • Rough linen napkins

Lighting and Signage

Lighting can profoundly affect the mood of your reception; soft, dimmed lights paired with candles offer a romantic and comforting glow. For your signage, use sage green signs with white or gold lettering to maintain a consistent theme and help guide your guests seamlessly throughout the venue.

  • Lighting: Soft, warm lights, with additional candles for ambiance
  • Signage Tips:
    • Sage green background
    • White or gold lettering for readability

Floral Arrangements

Creating the perfect floral arrangements for your sage green wedding involves a meticulous choice of flowers and foliage to complement the overall theme. Consider soft neutrals and greenery that enhance the earthy and calming hue of sage green.

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For your bouquet, think about incorporating sage green foliage like eucalyptus to achieve that serene look. Adding flowers such as roses in white, blush, or lavender will provide a soft contrast and contribute to a cohesive and natural appearance.

Table Decor

When designing your table decor, line the center with a mixture of sage green leaves and soft-colored blooms. You might choose to intersperse long eucalyptus sprigs with delicate ivory roses, creating an elegant and organic tablescape that resonates with your sage green theme.

Accent Pieces

To elevate the ambiance of your venue, integrate accent pieces throughout the space. These can be small floral arrangements with a hint of sage green, placed on sign-in tables, bars, or at the ends of aisles. The subtle repetition of sage green in these arrangements will tie the room together beautifully.

Sage Green Color Schemes

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Sage green, with its earthy and calming qualities, offers flexibility to create diverse color palettes that work for any wedding theme. Whether you’re aiming for an elegant, rustic, or modern aesthetic, sage green pairs beautifully with a variety of hues.

Pairings and Contrasts

Sage green is a versatile hue that harmoniously pairs with soft neutrals and pops of color to create a sophisticated wedding palette. For a romantic and elegant feel, consider combining sage green with:

  • Ivory and Tan for a neutral, earthy vibe
  • Dusty Rose and Navy Blue for a touch of classic elegance
  • Gold or Silver accents to add a hint of opulence and shimmer
  • Olive and Black for deeper contrast and modern sophistication

Here’s a concise color pairing table:

Sage GreenNeutral AccentsBold ContrastsMetallic Highlights
Olive, Tan, IvoryDusty Rose, PinkNavy, Terracotta, BlackGold, Silver

Wedding Cake and Desserts

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Your special day deserves a centerpiece dessert that’s not only beautiful to look at but also a delight to taste. Let’s explore how to marry design and flavor in your sage green-themed wedding cake and desserts.

Design and Decoration

When considering the design and decoration of your wedding cake, think about incorporating tones of sage green for an elegant and natural look. A sage green and white wedding cake can exemplify refinement with its soft hues, and adding gold leaf as an accent creates a touch of luxury. If you’re inclined towards a more organic aesthetic, consider adorning your cake with succulents or neutral blooms that echo the surroundings of your venue.

  • Textures: Adding texture to your cake with icing techniques or fondant can give it depth.
  • Layers: Multiple tiers offer a grand presentation that can be tailored in shades of green.

For smaller sweets, think about a dessert table featuring sage green meringues or macarons, which can be as much a part of the decor as they are a treat for the taste buds.

Photography and Memories

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Your special day deserves to be captured in a way that reflects the essence of your sage green wedding theme. Photography will preserve the ambiance of natural elements and the joy of your guests, resulting in timeless memories.

Capturing the Theme

To ensure your wedding photos mirror the earthy and serene palette of your sage green wedding, communicate your theme to your photographer. Emphasize the importance of natural lighting and settings to complement the hues of your decor and attire. Encourage them to seek out moments where the sage green elements naturally interplay with the surroundings, like a sunlit kiss amid your floral arrangements or laughter shared under an arch woven with eucalyptus leaves.

Photo Booth and Guest Book Ideas

Incorporate your sage green palette into interactive elements like a photo booth. Provide props that match your theme and backdrop that features sage green elements, such as draped fabrics or a floral wall. Pair this with a guest book in coordinating colors where your friends and family can place their snapshots and write down their wishes, creating a personalized keepsake for you.

For the guest book, think beyond the traditional. Have your guests stamp their fingerprints on a canvas depicting a tree with sage leaves, or write their messages on sage-colored stonesengaging experiences for guests and a unique memento for you.

Favors and Gifts

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Choosing the right favors and gifts for your sage green wedding is all about thoughtfulness and style. You’ll want something that matches your overall theme and color palette, and memorable keepsakes that your guests will treasure.

Edible Treats

Offer your guests a taste of your wedding to take home with sage green themed edible treats. Consider:

  • Macarons: Delicate pastries in a variety of flavors, like pistachio or matcha, that can be dyed to match your olive green color scheme.
  • Herb-infused Olive Oil: Perfect for a sage green wedding, presented in small glass bottles.

Personalized Items

For favors that leave a lasting impression, personalized items are the perfect choice. Ideas include:

  • Terracotta Pots: Small terracotta pots with a sage plant or succulent—that your guests can nurture and grow.
  • Custom Keychains: Tailored to your sage green theme, featuring the date of your wedding or initials.

Remember, your wedding favors are a reflection of your special day, so choose something that resonates with your personality and wedding theme.


What Colours go with sage green wedding?

Colors that complement sage green for a wedding include ivory, blush pink, dusty blue, and gold, creating a soft and elegant color palette perfect for a romantic or rustic celebration.

What does sage green mean for a wedding?

Sage green symbolizes tranquility, growth, and harmony in weddings, evoking a sense of natural beauty and serenity.

What flowers go with a sage green wedding?

Flowers that go well with a sage green wedding include white roses, peonies, eucalyptus, and lavender, creating a fresh and timeless floral arrangement.

Can I wear sage to a wedding?

Yes, you can wear sage to a wedding, especially if it fits the dress code or theme. Sage green attire can be elegant and sophisticated, adding a subtle pop of color to your outfit while complementing the wedding’s color palette.

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