Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts 2024: Most Popular 20 Shapes

Selecting a wedding ring goes beyond the visual appeal of the diamond’s cut; it embodies your unique style and guarantees that your ring sparkles magnificently.

Each wedding ring diamond cuts has its own unique qualities and shapes, from the tradition-steeped round brilliance to the sophisticated emerald cut.

The technical aspects of how a diamond is cut, including symmetry, proportion, and polish, play a crucial role in how the stone captures light, contributing to its overall sparkle and appeal.

Choosing the right diamond cut for your wedding ring can feel overwhelming with so many options available. We got you, check out all the cuts and find yours!

Key Takeaways

  • The cut of a diamond significantly affects its sparkle and overall appearance.
  • Trends in diamond cuts can be influenced by celebrity selections.
  • It’s important to consider technical quality alongside personal preference when choosing a diamond cut for wedding rings.

Top 20 Wedding Ring Diamond Cut Shapes


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When selecting your perfect wedding ring, the diamond cut shapes are more than a matter of taste; they influence the ring’s brilliance and character. Each shape offers a different reflection of light, giving your ring its unique sparkle and style.

Round Brilliant Cut

The Round Brilliant Cut is the most popular diamond shape for wedding rings. Its 58 facets are precision-cut to maximize sparkle, and this timeless shape complements any setting beautifully.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Round Brilliant Cut
by Pinterest

Princess Cut

The Princess Cut is a modern favorite, known for its sharp, squared edges and exceptional brilliance. The way it reflects light is second only to the round cut, making it a dazzling choice for your ring.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Princess Cut
by Pinterest

Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut diamonds are recognized by their elongated, rectangular shape and stepped facets, creating a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. This cut emphasizes the clarity of the diamond, offering a sophisticated vintage appeal.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Emerald Cut
by Pinterest

Oval Cut

For a touch of elegance, the Oval Cut elongates the finger and provides ample brilliance similar to a round cut. Its elongated shape means you can often get a larger-looking diamond for the same carat weight.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Oval Cut
by Pinterest

Cushion Cut

Combining a square cut with rounded corners, the Cushion Cut exudes romantic charm. Its larger facets highlight the stone’s depth and clarity, and it’s a popular choice for vintage-inspired styles.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Cushion Cut
by Pinterest

Asscher Cut

With a shape similar to emerald cut but in a square form, the Asscher Cut is distinguished by “X” patterns seen when looking directly down into the stone, giving it a captivating geometric look.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Asscher Cut
by Pinterest

Marquise Cut

The Marquise Cut, also called the “navette” cut, creates an illusion of greater size with its elongated shape and pointed ends. The brilliant cut pattern contributes to its eye-catching appearance.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Marquise Cut
by Pinterest

Pear Cut

The Pear Cut is a unique and feminine choice, resembling a teardrop. Ideal for those seeking something traditional yet unique, this cut combines the best of round and marquise cuts.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Pear Cut
by Pinterest

Radiant Cut

As its name suggests, the Radiant Cut is known for its lively brilliance, combining the shapes of emerald and round cuts. This versatile cut can be set with both rounded and square cornered diamonds.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Radiant Cut
by Pinterest

Heart Cut

The ultimate symbol of love, the Heart Cut requires great skill to create the perfect symmetry. A heart-shaped diamond is a bold, sentimental choice for those wanting to make a romantic statement.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Heart Cut
by Pinterest

Trilliant Cut

Trilliant Cut diamonds are triangular and often used as accent stones. However, when chosen as the main stone, they make a strikingly modern and bold centerpiece for a wedding ring.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Trilliant Cut
by Pinterest

Baguette Cut

With its elongated rectangular shape, the Baguette Cut is another step-cut gem like the emerald cut. It offers a chic, clean line look, often used as side stones to complement other shapes.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Baguette Cut
by Pinterest

Rose Cut

The Rose Cut features a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown, rising to a single apex. It has a vintage feel, resembling the petals of a rose bud, and reflects light in a soft, subtle way.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Rose Cut
by Pinterest

Old European Cut

An ancestor to the modern round brilliant cut, the Old European Cut has a higher crown, smaller table, and larger facets. This antique style offers a deep, warm glow that’s full of charm.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Old European Cut
by Pinterest

Old Mine Cut

Similar to the old European cut, the Old Mine Cut has a squarish shape with soft, rounded corners and a high crown. It is characteristic of the late 19th to early 20th centuries and is enjoying a resurgence.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Old Mine Cut
by Pinterest

Ashoka Cut

Unique and rare, the Ashoka Cut features a rectangular shape with rounded corners and 62 facets. Its lavish look makes for a stunningly distinctive wedding ring that stands out.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Ashoka Cut
by Pinterest

Bullet Cut

The Bullet Cut is long and slender with one pointed end and is typically used as side stones to accompany larger central diamonds. They have a striking linear quality that creates a sleek and modern feel.

Bullet Cut
Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Bullet Cut
by Pinterest

Kite Cut

Kite Cut diamonds resemble the shape of a kite and are often used in unique, alternative ring designs. Their unusual angles create an edgy, avant-garde effect for a contemporary ring.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Kite Cut
by Pinterest

Hexagon Cut

The Hexagon Cut is perfect for those looking for geometric precision in their ring. With its six equal sides, this cut presents a harmonious balance between vintage allure and modern symmetry.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts Hexagon Cut
by Pinterest

Technical Aspects of Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts


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When choosing a wedding ring diamond cut, understanding the technical aspects of diamond cuts can greatly affect the beauty and brilliance of your stone. These details are crucial to finding the perfect diamond that reflects your personality and style.

Step Cut vs. Brilliant Cut

Your diamond’s cut can be primarily categorized into two styles: step cut and brilliant cut. Step-cut diamonds, such as emerald and Asscher cuts, have parallel faceted planes which resemble a staircase and highlight the diamond’s clarity. Brilliant-cut diamonds, like the classic round or princess cuts, are designed with numerous facets to maximize light reflection and sparkle.

Proportions and Symmetry in Diamond Cuts

The proportions and symmetry of your diamond play vital roles in its appearance. Properly proportioned and symmetrically cut diamonds are more likely to emit that sought-after brilliance. When the angles and sizes of the facets align harmoniously, it allows for optimal light performance, enhancing both sparkle and aesthetic appeal.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts
by Pinterest

Polish and Faceting Techniques

Lastly, the polish and faceting techniques impact a diamond’s final look. A high-quality polish ensures that each facet can efficiently reflect light to contribute to the diamond’s overall sparkle. Contemporary cutting and faceting technology have enabled more complex designs, increasing the number of facets and angles that can be included in a diamond, thereby elevating its brilliance and fire.

Factors Affecting Diamond Cut Quality


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When choosing your wedding ring diamond, you’ll find that cut quality is pivotal in how the diamond reflects light, creating that stunning sparkle and fire you’re looking for. This quality is assessed on a scale from excellent to poor.

Impact of Cut on Diamond Sparkle and Fire

The cut of your diamond significantly influences its ability to sparkle and exhibit fire. An excellent cut diamondmaximizes light return, creating a brilliant sparkle and vibrant fire. In contrast, a poor cut can result in a dull and lifeless appearance since the light leaks out instead of reflecting back to your eyes.

  • Excellent: Reflects nearly all light, resulting in exceptional brilliance.
  • Very Good: Reflects most light, offering superior brilliance at a lesser cost.
  • Good: Balances size and quality, offering a satisfactory sparkle.
  • Fair & Poor: Allows most light to escape, resulting in reduced sparkle and fire.

The Role of Inclusions and Symmetry

Diamond clarity refers to the presence of inclusions — internal ‘flaws’ that can impact a diamond’s transparency and brilliance. Your diamond’s symmetrical shape also plays a crucial role; a symmetrical diamond will have better light performance, enhancing its sparkle and fire. When inclusions are minimal and symmetry is high, you’re more likely to experience that captivating brilliance you desire.

  • Inclusions: The fewer there are, the better the clarity, resulting in more sparkle.
  • Symmetrical: Symmetry aligns facets perfectly, enabling optimal light interaction.

Remember, a well-cut diamond with minimal inclusions and excellent symmetry will ensure your wedding ring shines magnificently for years to come.

Celebrity Influence on Diamond Cut Popularity


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When you think about wedding rings, often the sparkle and style that catch the eye have been popularized by celebrities. Their choice of diamond cut can set trends that influence the market significantly.

Iconic Diamond Rings and Their Influence

Kim Kardashian made waves with her cushion-cut diamond ring, a choice that sparked a surge in popularity for this particular style. The blend of vintage and modern appeal in a cushion-cut diamond often resonates with those who seek a luxurious and timeless piece for their wedding ring.

Similarly, the selection of a vibrant sapphire centerpiece by celebrities like Miranda Kerr showcases the trend towards incorporating colors and gemstones in engagement rings, moving beyond traditional white diamonds.

Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends

Celebrities have a track record of choosing expensive and extravagant diamond cuts that capture public imagination. You’ll notice a pattern where following high-profile engagements, certain diamond cuts experience a spike in interest.

Their engagement rings often feature unique cuts that inspire couples to opt for similar styles, hoping to capture a bit of that star-studded essence in their own wedding ring selections. Whether it’s a classic round brilliant or an elegant emerald cut, when a celebrity says “I do” to a particular style, the world often follows suit.

Megan Fox

Emily Ratajkowski

Sofia Richie Grainge

Future Trends in Diamond Cuts


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When you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding ring, staying ahead of the curve with the latest diamond cut trends can give your special piece that contemporary flair. In the coming year, expect to see a surge in unique and minimalistic designs with an affectionate nod to vintage aesthetics.

Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes

Your love for the unconventional could be reflected in a preference for modern diamond cuts & shapes. Emerald-cut diamonds are gaining attention, offering you a way to stand out with a ring that’s both unique and trendy.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts radiant cut trend
by Pinterest

Vintage Resurgence

With wedding ring trends poised to make a statement in 2024, designs that merge bygone charm with modern sensibilities are set to adorn many fingers. A ring that balances antique grace with a modern cut can symbolize your bond—timeless, yet evolving.

Wedding Ring Diamond Cuts vintage ring
by Pinterest

When contemporary meets classic, the result is a trend that’s as intriguing and full of character as the utmost reflection of your personal style. Keep an eye out for these emerging trends; they could lead you to your perfect diamond cut. Remembering that your choice of wedding ring is an intimate expression of your journey, selecting a diamond cut that is both stylish and significant to you will always be in vogue.


What is the best cut of diamond for a wedding ring?

The best cut for a wedding ring diamond is subjective and depends on personal preference. The round brilliant cut is popular for its brilliance, but other cuts like princess, emerald, or cushion offer unique beauty. Choose the cut that resonates with your style and preferences.

What is the most popular diamond cut in 2024?

The round cut continues to be the most favored. GIA reports that over 60% of couples opt for a round diamond as their center stone. With its origin dating back to the 1800s, the round cut consistently maintains its position as the most popular choice.

What is the Tiffany true cut?

The Tiffany True Cut is a proprietary diamond cut by Tiffany & Co., known for its distinctive square mixed-cut and innovative facet pattern, enhancing brilliance and beauty in engagement rings.

Which diamond cut holds its value?

Round brilliant diamonds often hold their value well. Their popularity, timeless appeal, and optimal light performance contribute to a sustained market demand, making them a reliable choice for retaining value over time in comparison to some other cuts.

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