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Sophia Ziessler

20+ Red Wedding Nails: #17 is Breathtaking

red wedding nails

Red nails make a statement and instantly give you more elegance. The “Red Nail Theory” also confirms that red nails attract everyone’s attention, in a positive sense of course. That’s why I’ve picked out Red Wedding Nails designs for brides…

45+ Wedding Nail Ideas 2024

wedding nail ideas

There are so many great nail designs for weddings. In the last few days I’ve been working intensively on the latest trends and all-time favorites for wedding nail ideas, as I’ve been doing my own nails for some time now…

20+ White Wedding Nails: #15 is so Chic!

white wedding nails

I was looking for the most beautiful White Wedding Nails designs and stumbled across many timeless and special designs that I would like to show you.Which design is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! White Wedding Nails #1…